17 July 2011

Weekly top 5

Finally got myself back into the gym this week, after a couple of months away.  It felt good to be back in there, especially in terms of not completely wasting my membership fee!  I'm hoping to get back to going three times a week - not looking forward to the early mornings though so might give it a while before I get back to them too!

My attempt at the Shred, coupled with the gym and some healthy eating has started to pay off - I've lost 3lbs this week :)  I changed my approach from no snacking to eating little and often to keep my metabolism going - seemingly it's starting to work!

We went to dinner at our family friend's house last night - we've known them since I was three but it's been ages since we've all been together.  Unfortunately their daughter couldn't make it, but both of their sons were there too and it was really nice to have a catch up - just like old times :)

I've got my dress for Danny's brother's wedding in Mexico!  I knew that I wanted a maxi dress but it took me a while to find one that I liked, primarily because I wanted it to be quite lightweight so I won't get too hot.  I was pretty happy when I found one in Coast reduced from £115 to £55 - bargain!

It's Leanne's birthday today so we're all going into town for a few drinks at one of the pubs.  Happy birthday Leanne!  It'll be nice to have a catch up with one half of my Newbury friends, and Aisling will actually finally get to meet Danny!  Just a shame the weather isn't so good, since the pub we're going to has a nice roof terrace.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

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