19 July 2011

Project 365: #038 Cleaning out the goldfish

Well, what a highly exciting way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  After walking through town on the way home from the hairdressers this afternoon, the torrential rain has made me retreat indoors and I've resorted to cleaning out my goldfish tank.  I couldn't really put it off any longer - Danny was complaining about it every time he saw it, and it was beginning to be a bit of a struggle to see the fish if they were at the back.  So after a lot of scrubbing the tank and all the plants, Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde is the one in the photo) now have a clean and shiny tank to live in.  I'm not sure that they know what to make of it just yet - I think it's a bit of a shock that it's so clean at the moment!

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