7 July 2011

Weekly top 5

Sorry guys - really behind with my weekly top 5 this week!  Being at Danny's means I can't really get online to do a blog post and I'm never organised enough to schedule posts in advance!  Anyway, on to the post....

Despite how much I felt like I was dying at the beginning, I'm absolutely loving the Shred!  I really was skeptical about just how much good it could do in such a short space of time, but even a week in I'm starting to notice the difference.  That and I've been told I look like I've lost weight!  Result!  I've just got to push on through till the end of the month now - there's a chance that I might actually be relatively ok about getting into a bikini by the time our holiday comes around!

I've finally managed to clear some of the backlog of work that I had mounting up on my desk!  January to June is our busy season at work, so I've had clients in back to back with little time to actually get stuff completely cleared.  Thankfully I've had a bit of time over the last week and my mood has improved considerably since clearing some of it - it's surprising how much effect a bit of work stress has on everything else.

I've got some good weekends planned in the next couple of weeks - mainly involving shopping and celebrating birthdays.  Look out for some haul posts soon - I'm going to Oxford Street this Sunday and Westfield in two weeks.  Yay!  After all the Santander drama, I've transferred most of my account balance back into my Nationwide account so I actually know how much money I have to spend now too!

I may have mentioned that when I ordered my Manchester Square Nails Inc nail varnish from ASOS the other week, I ordered some St Tropez spray tan too?  I tested it out this week and was really pleased with the results.  I was a bit worried that it was going to make me look too orange - never a good look - but it resulted in a natural looking sun-kissed glow.  It was easy to apply too - I sprayed it on then used a tanning mitt to make sure that I had applied it evenly.  I only tried it out on my legs - I decided that I could easily hide them away if it went badly wrong and that testing it on my face probably wouldn't be a good idea!  I'll definitely be using it again, and will definitely brave the rest of my body this time - hopefully I manage to do a good job on my face or I'll be using a lot of foundation in an effort to cover it up!

Last but not least, me and Danny have now been together for six months!  It's actually flown by, and we used it as a good excuse to go out for dinner on Sunday night to celebrate.  Here's to the next six :)

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