19 July 2011

Project 365: #040 Mmmm.......tiramisu

My mum made this delicious dessert for the dinner we went to at our family friend's house the other night.  If you like chocolate, coffee and alcohol, you will absolutely love this!  I thought I'd post the recipe on here too (adapted from Nigella's Christmas book), in case any of you wanted to recreate it :)


3 x 350g chocolate loaf cakes
425ml Tia Maria
1-2 teaspoons cocoa for dusting
Chocolate-covered coffee beans (optional)
2 large eggs
75g caster sugar
500g mascarpone
250ml double cream

  1. Whisk the eggs, caster sugar, mascarpone and double cream together, adding 125ml of the Tia Maria little by little
  2. Slice the chocolate loaf cakes and soak in the remainder of the Tia Maria
  3. Layer the soaked chocolate cake and the cream mixture - aim for three layers of each, making sure that the cake is pressed down as much as possible to prevent it from falling apart
  4. Finish on top with the remainder of the cream mixture and refrigerate overnight
  5. Just before serving, dust the tiramisu with cocoa powder and decorate with chocolate-covered coffee beans
Enjoy :)


  1. Yummm, this looks soo delicious!! x

  2. yumm! really wanna try this
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