20 July 2011

Had to share this with you all...

I read online today that Ikea are doing a special offer over the next week or two in a few of their stores.  If you go to Ikea Lakeside on 29th-30th July, dressed in pyjamas, you can get a free double duvet!  Now I don't know how thick the duvet is, but I reckon getting a free duvet of any kind for rocking up shopping in your PJs sounds like a pretty good deal to me!  (Last time they did this promotion, the duvet was 10.5 Tog and worth £20-£50!) Ikea Belfast are also doing a deal from 23rd-24th July, where you can get a £10 gift card for turning up in your pyjamas, and Ikea Wembley are doing an even stranger deal till 14th August where you can get a free breakfast in their restaurant if you get into the bed that's in their restaurant section and eat your breakfast there!  (Apparently you don't need to be wearing PJs for that one!)  The Lakeside offer is definitely my favourite - I'm just a bit gutted that Lakeside is so far from mine and that I'll be on holiday - I'd love an excuse to go shopping in my pyjamas!

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