7 July 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 10

The day off the Shred hasn't improved my knee :(  I've been wearing the support bandage today since I can't fully straighten my leg without my knee hurting and it's been feeling a bit better towards the evening.  I'm out at a client for the rest of this week and the long drive home (the client is 35 miles away) didn't really help - thankfully most of the journey is on the motorway so I don't have to use the clutch too much.  Another day of rest for me, but I've decided that I'm getting back on it tomorrow, even if it means I go to the gym instead of doing the Shred - at the gym I'll be able to use the cross trainer which doesn't jar my knee, so that should be better I think.  Really want to do the Shred though so will be trying as hard as I can to do it!

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