16 July 2011

Project 365: #034 Back to the gym!

It's definitely been a while, but tonight I finally got myself back into the gym.  I really enjoy it when I get there, but the problem is finding the time.  Despite the fact that Danny and I are members of the same gym, we use different locations and if we wanted to use each others, we'd have to pay £75 per month for the privilege!  A bit much I think, when we already pay £52 per month each anyway - it's not as though we could be in both places at the same time!  That means that if I'm staying at his, I can't go, and if he's staying at mine, he can't go.  I went to the gym with my friend Ali tonight - time goes much faster if you're having a catch up while you're on the cross trainer rather than constantly clock watching if you're on your own!

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