7 July 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 8

I'm staying at Danny's for the next couple of days so had to burn the Shred to DVD before I headed over last night, and had to take my weights and gym kit with me!  It was a bit hard to motivate myself when everyone else was chilling out in the living room catching up on Family Guy, especially when it was quite warm and muggy - jumping around like a lunatic was the last thing I felt like doing!  Still, I shut myself in the conservatory, closed the curtains between the conversatory and the living room so no one could see me prancing around, opened the conservatory doors wide and got started.  The first strength session went ok, but I found the cardio really difficult - my left knee was really struggling with the jumping jacks, so I had to miss them out.  Part way through my workout, Danny's dog Max turned up to watch, quitely watching from the sofa.  That was until I lay on the floor to do the ab work anyway, at which point he looked like he was going to jump off the sofa on to my face, haha!  Thankfully he stayed put and I managed to finish the workout, despite my knee getting progressively more sore.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

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