25 June 2011

Weekly top 5

After deciding against going to the Lake District for the weekend due to the rain that was forecasted up there, Danny and I are having a lazy weekend.  We spent this morning catching up on programmes on the Sky+ and then headed out food shopping for dinner this evening.  While I type this, Danny is busy in the kitchen creating steak with red wine and shallot sauce, potato/sweet potato chips and griddled asparagus.  Yum!  All while I chill on the sofa with a glass of wine.  I'm a lucky girl :)

Danny's dad phoned earlier - they're having a BBQ tomorrow since it's looking like it's going to be a scorcher of a day, and since we're now around this weekend, we're heading over there too.  I love a good family BBQ - you can't beat it.  I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to try out my newish (I bought it just before exams and then got immersed in revision) cookbook - Baking Made Easy by Lorraine Pascale so I'm going to make Passion and Lime Meringue Pie for dessert - expect to see a photo on here tomorrow morning when it's done!

After a long chat with my boss on Wednesday, I'm now feeling a lot happier about work.  I've been feeling a bit fed up about it for about six months now - mainly because we've been so busy all the time and I couldn't see an end to it.  I was also feeling like I was getting a bit stuck in a rut - I guess that's kind of normal when you've been in your job for nearly four years?  Anyway, we had a bit of a chat and he assurred me that he definitely wants me to stay, but that if I do decide I want to move on (and he said he understands if I do, which is nice) then he'll put me in touch with some of his contacts at other firms to get me a good job to go to.  It's nice to know that he's supportive even if I decide that I do want to leave.  I think for now I'll just wait and see how things go over the next few months, and what I get offered when I qualify.

Summer is back!  After a month or so of the weather turning colder again, the sun is shining this weekend and I was even able to have the roof down on my car when I went out earlier!  Long may this continue - I need to get outside to try and get a slight bit of colour before Mexico, and that's only going to happen if the rain stays away!

You may remember me mentioning that I was trying to decide whether to buy Nails Inc Manchester Square nail polish - I ordered it this evening :)  Danny wanted to order a couple of things from ASOS so I decided that I might as well order it then.  And since I got it from ASOS, I got 10% off too!  Bargain!

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