13 June 2011

Project 365: #006 Hot pink nails

I decided while I was at work today that I was going to paint my nails tonight - it took me a lot longer to decide what colour though!  I eventually settled on Nails Inc Walton Street.  I can't get enough of this colour and wear it on my toes most of the time, but I tend to change the colour I wear on my fingernails much more often - I guess I see my hands more so get bored of the colour quicker!  I've been having a look at the Nails Inc website over the last couple of days though, and think that I might have to buy their limited edition Manchester Square polish - I love it!


  1. You can't beat pink nails :-) love them x

  2. I wish I could pull pink nails off - for some reason they don't seem to suit me x


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