19 June 2011

Project 365: #010 Take That Progress Tour 2011

I was a Take That fan the first time around (I was in year 6 when they split up) and have liked all of their stuff since they reformed, but had never been to see them in concert.  I was in Quebec for work when their 2011 Progress Tour was announced so hadn't heard about it until it was sold out - I was gutted!  Then I was chatting to Aisling one evening when we were having a catch up and she mentioned that she had a spare ticket.  I jumped at the chance to go, especially when she said it would involve a weekend trip to Dublin!

I didn't really realise quite how excited I was about it until we got into the stadium.  Unfortunately it started chucking it down with rain as we arrived, so we all started crossing our fingers that it would stop by the time the concert started since we were going to be standing on the pitch (Croke Park doesn't have a roof)  It drizzled while the Pet Shop Boys were on, but as soon as Take That came on the clouds dispersed and the sun came out!  What.  A.  Night!  To say they were amazing would be an understatement!  We managed to get pretty close, as you can see - about 4 rows from the catwalk, halfway between the main stage and the stage area at the end of the catwalk.  Little did we know just how good this position would be - Robbie came out on a platform above us, leaning over to touch the crowd and Ash's mum managed to touch him!  I was 3 inches away - gutted!  Managed to get some great photos, even though I was using my phone, and a few recordings which came out surprisingly well too!  A completely amazing show - I'll remember this for a long time!  If you're going to see them, rest assured you will definitely not be disappointed!

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