21 June 2011

Project 365: #011 King Sitric

After a lazy morning at the hotel (which was necessary after drinking and singing in the hotel bar till 4.30am after Take That!), we headed to King Sitric in Howth for lunch before our flight.  Ash's aunt and uncle own the restaurant and I've got to say, the food was amazing!  The photo above is my main course - herb crusted hake - and it was delicious.  For dessert, we both had Meringue Sitric - their signature dessert (the recipe for which can be found here)  Unfortunately I didn't manage to take a photo of the dessert - a) because it looked so delicious that I wanted to dive in without faffing about with my camera and b) because we only had about two minutes to eat it before we had to leave for the airport.  I will definitely be attempting to make it myself though, although I highly doubt it'll come out anywhere near as good as their one is!  If you're ever looking for a seafood restaurant in Dublin, I thoroughly recommend you head here!

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