12 June 2011

Project 365: #004 Sambuca and curry...

When I say sambuca and curry, I obviously don't mean together exactly!  We went for dinner with Danny's brother and his girlfriend, and their cousin and her fiancé - a couple of drinks followed by dinner at the local Indian restaurant.  For some reason, the boys decided it would be a good idea to do flaming sambucas after dinner and I somehow got persuaded into having one!  I like sambuca, but I hadn't ever done a flaming sambuca before - now I know why!  I think the boys changed their minds about it being such a good idea too, when one of them spilled some of one of the shots, pouring sambuca on to the table and setting the tablecloth alight!  Since he also got sambuca on his hand, he failed to notice the tablecloth cos his hand was also on fire!  Thankfully for all of us, the tablecloth wasn't burnt and neither was his hand - phew!  Think I'll  be passing on the flaming sambuca next time.... That aside, it was a great night!

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