11 June 2011

Weekly top 5

This week I finally got around to ordering my NUS extra card.  It expires at the end of August, so I really should've bought it sooner but kept forgetting.  My theory is that despite it expiring soon, I'll still save money from using it - it cost £11 but I'll easily save that by using it at the cinema and on ASOS!  It just gives me an extra incentive to get spending before August, not that I need one! :)

I've spent most evenings this week catching up with people I haven't seen for the last couple of months - as those of you who know me will know, I go into complete hermit mode when I get into studying and don't see anyone at all.  Socialising with friends is one of my favourite things to do so I really do struggle when I can't see them.  The length of time I've gone without seeing one friend was summed up this week when I met her for dinner on Thursday - she's pregnant, and she was barely starting to show last time I saw her.  Now she looks like she could give birth any minute!  Can't wait to meet the baby - she's due at the beginning of August, so not long to go!

I had an unexpected phone call from one of my friends on Thursday night - he lives in Iceland and only comes back once or twice a year, for a few weeks at a time.  We meet up every time he's back and have a really good catch up and try to keep in touch while he's away, but you all know how it is - life kinda gets in the way and you end up realising you haven't spoken for ages.  Anyway, he called me to say that he's back in England for the weekend - a bit of a brief visit but great to have him back nonetheless!  I haven't met his girlfriend yet and he hasn't met Danny, so we're all planning to get together tomorrow night, which I'm very much looking forward to!

Last weekend, my Benefit Smokin' Eyes kit arrived and I've got to say, I'm absolutely loving it!  I'd tried it out before (my mum has it but she was getting a bit fed up with me borrowing hers all the time!) so I knew that it was good, but I didn't really appreciate just how much I'd use it!  It really makes me look forward to doing my eye make-up now and I think I'm going to have to try out a few more of their products having read some blog reviews on them.  Only hoping I can get my hands on the freebies in Glamour magazine this month that everyone's talking about, and that they haven't all sold out!

Last but by no means least, comes my love for blogging.  I've only started blogging in the last week but I'm already addicted - frantically logging on every morning to see if any of the blogs I follow have been updated and smiling every time my follower count goes up!  Hopefully those of you who have followed me this week are enjoying what you're reading so far and I hope that you continue to like what you read!  If you have any tips for me or things that you'd like me to write about, please let me know :)

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