19 June 2011

Project 365: #009 Dublin

Our hotel room 

 Dinner at Brasserie 15

Our bathroom (I took a photo of this cos there was a really cool purple 
spotlight over the bath - you don't really get the full effect in the photo though unfortunately!)

A few photos today - sometimes one just isn't enough!  Headed to Dublin with Aisling this afternoon and after a flight delay of over an hour (the total flight time is less than an hour itself!), we finally arrived in the early evening.  We spent the evening chilling at the hotel in Castleknock before going out for dinner at Brasserie 15 with everyone - 15 of us travelled over to Dublin for Take That's concert at Croke Park on Saturday night, so as you can see, we took up a rather large part of the restaurant!  It was gone midnight by the time we finished dinner, so instead of going out like we'd planned, we just went back to the hotel and crashed - how rock and roll!  Had to make sure we've got plenty of energy for tomorrow! :)

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