10 June 2011

Project 365: #002 Happy birthday Jan!

Back to work today after my week off for revision and surprisingly it wasn't too bad.  The day dragged a bit but I think that's mainly because I was on my own at a client, and it's always pretty boring being stuck in a room on your own for the whole day!  I also spent the day counting down to the evening anyway, as we went to Kei's for dinner for Jan's birthday (Jan is Danny's mum)  I absolutely love Kei's (it's a Chinese restaurant near Danny's house) - we went there for exam results in February and I'd been dying to go back ever since!  It didn't disappoint - piles of starters, followed by duck and pancakes, followed by the main course - by the time we finished, we were all completely stuffed!  An awesome evening - excellent food and great company :)

PS. Excuse the poor photo quality - I had to use my phone!

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