22 June 2011

Project 365: #013 Ukulele tuning

Another night, another duty of helping Danny's sister.  I actually don't mind - we get on really well, so it's like I have a little sister of my own really :)  She recently bought a ukulele - a completely random purchase since she's never been musical until now, and the first problem arose when she needed to tune it.  She had absolutely no idea, which is where I was asked to step in - I used to play the violin, so tuning a ukulele is pretty similar.  After tuning it, I had a little play - I really want one now too!  Have any of you got one?  Or have you bought one thinking that you'd play it and then got bored of it really quickly?  I can't decide if that might happen and I'd end up wasting money on it!

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