25 June 2011

Project 365: #015 New windscreen

I drive on the motorway a lot and stones are always flying up and hitting my windscreen - usually barely making a chip, but the other day one managed to crack the windscreen.  Only a small amount, but since it was cracked and chipped close to the edge of the screen, I had to have it replaced today rather than filled.  It was a £70 excess, which I didn't think was too bad, and thankfully the rain held off until after it was fitted.  The inside of my windscreen had been smeary where I'd tried and failed to clean it properly and then hadn't bothered - the bonus of having to have it replaced is that it's all nice and shiny now!  I was very pleased with my new shiny windscreen until I drove home from work and another stone chipped it! :( How annoying is that? Now I'm going to have to call them out to fill it - thankfully it wasn't another crack! 

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