13 September 2011

Weekly top 5

Sorry my weekly top 5 post is quite so delayed this week - I've been really busy, as you will see...

It's been ages since me and Bee, my bestie, had a girls night out.  This weekend, her friend from uni came to visit so the three of us had a girls night - starting with Strictly, X Factor, pizza, cocktails and wine, and then hitting the town.  We had a great night but I was so tired on Sunday!  I also lost my voice as a result of all the talking in loud bars - whoops!

Yesterday was my mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary!  We took them out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate and I acted as chauffeur last night when they went out for a nice romantic dinner.  In a time when so many people get divorced, I think 30 years is a really big deal - congratulations Mum and Dad :)

I get on really well with my hairdresser, so spending a long Saturday morning getting my hair done is a real treat.  I get foil highlights followed by a cut and blowdry so I'm usually in there for a good couple of hours and really enjoy the perfect excuse for relaxing the morning away!  I had a really bad tension headache on Friday so I especially enjoyed the head massage that came with having the hair dye washed out!  I was nicely relaxed when I came out and my hair was all ready for my girls night out!  Bonus!

We don't actually get much chance to spend a day together as a family anymore, so going out for lunch together and then all chilling the afternoon away at home made a pleasant change!  I think we should probably do it more often, rather than only on special occasions!

All photos from weheartit.com
After lots of looking, Danny and I have finally settled on somewhere to stay down in Cornwall at the beginning of October.  It'll be really nice to get away for a week - have a break from work and some time to ourselves!  I can't wait :)

Five to follow:

Hope you're all having good weeks so far!


  1. i love the picture of the robots -0 cute!
    and i really need to get my hair cut !

  2. My hairs in a right state, i think i have spilt ends on spilt ends!


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