2 September 2011

Project 365: #076 Some time to ourselves

It's been so long since Danny and me have had a night to ourselves that we've been having a few arguments recently.  Nothing serious, just little ones where we're both getting touchy about silly things, you know?  We both decided that we needed to remedy this so Danny booked a table at Dolce Vita, a restaurant in town where we went for Valentine's Day, and we planned to go to the cinema afterwards.  The meal was absolutely gorgeous - Danny had what he has since described as the best steak he's ever had in a restaurant (pretty high praise since he has steak a lot when we go out!)  We didn't actually make it to the movie in time - we didn't want to rush dinner so decided we'd go another night and went for a couple of drinks instead.  I tried a strawberry mojito, after getting into mojitos in Mexico - different but good!

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