4 September 2011

Weekly top 5

My number one task for this weekend (and the rest of this week) is to begin the de-clutter of my room.  My wardrobe is full of junk, making it difficult to put anything else in there and consequently my room is a bit of a mess at the moment!  I need to be pretty brutal about what I keep as well - I've decided that I might as well approach this with the aim of making it a lot easier when it comes to moving out (hopefully some time in the next few months to a year)

I'm having a bit of a lazy weekend this weekend - much needed after the last few weekends being quite busy!  I'm quite enjoying lying on the sofa this morning, writing this and looking outside at the rain, knowing that I'm all cosy inside!  For a change, I might actually feel rested by the time I go back to work tomorrow morning!

I will be spending this afternoon going through spreadsheets and online quotes to try and work out a budget with Danny for house buying.  Pretty boring stuff, but it does mean that we'll be getting a step closer to getting our own place!  We're also planning to head to Ikea at some point this week to figure out what furniture we'll need and how much it'll cost us all.  I love Ikea so I'm looking forward to that - plus we're planning to have dinner there so we can have some of their yummy meatballs! :)

I finally sorted out a date to have a bit of a qualification party - always a good excuse for a party and will hopefully mean I get to thank all the people that I've had to neglect during my study periods!  A good excuse for a new outfit too, so I'll have to get shopping I think!  What a shame! ;)

I seem to have gained quite a few new followers this week, so hello and thank you for following!  Hope you like what you read - if you have any comments or suggestions of posts you'd like me to do, please let me know!

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  1. hey i just came across your blog whilst browsing, i really like your style, the photos are amazing, i am now a follower!
    Im new to blogging to would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me back! Thankyou so much, love Lo xxx
    p.s the bonoffee pie looks INCREDIBLE, im going to check the cupboards to see if i have the ingredients to make one now!!



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