5 September 2011

Project 365: #077 Nom nom nom....

It was Danny's dad's birthday today so we had a nice family day - Danny has one brother, one sister and two half brothers, so there are quite a lot of us when we all get together, especially since his two half brothers each have a wife and two kids!  We all met up in the pub in the afternoon to watch the football - Danny's dad is a Spurs fan so we watched them first.......but unfortunately they lost.  It was then back home to watch Man Utd v Arsenal - Danny and one of brothers are Arsenal fans and his other two brothers are Man Utd fans, which always leads to heated debates on days like these!  Bad times again - Arsenal got an absolute thrashing, meaning that Danny wasn't in a particularly happy mood, especially when his brothers were rubbing it in!  Us girls were kept quiet and happy by this delicious cake though!  I'm always a bit wary about chocolate cake as it can sometimes be a bit dry, but this one was as good as it looks!


  1. YUM! Two of my best friends are Arsenal fans and were miserable for the rest of the night after that match, needed some cake like this to cheer them up!xx


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