7 September 2011

Project 365: #078 Treating myself

I'd wanted to pay a visit to Bicester Village for quite some time, so when I looked online and saw that they have a Mulberry shop, I decided that I'd waited long enough and now was the time to go! The purchase of a Mulberry handbag has long been my incentive to work my butt off in order to finish my exams, so now that I've done so, I thought it was time to reward myself. Getting Danny to come with me required a bit of persuasion, but when I mentioned that they have a Superdry outlet store at Bicester, he suddenly seemed a lot keener! When we got there, we headed straight to Mulberry but to my dismay, they only had two bags in the Bayswater style that I have decided I want. Both were leopard print - one classic coloured and one red. Don't get me wrong - I love a bit of leopard print as much as the next person, but I was looking for a more classic style for my first Mulberry. Oh, and the classic coloured one was priced at £1,600 after discount - a little bit much I thought! (The red one was high on a shelf so I couldn't see the price, but I've no doubt that it was at least as much!)

After leaving the Mulberry store feeling a little bit fed up, we wandered along and stumbled across David Clulow Sunglasses. I very nearly bought a pair of new sunglasses at the airport when we went to Mexico but didn’t have much time to browse all the different styles so ended up giving it a miss. This time, my luck was in and I picked up these little beauties – at £72 instead of £105, I couldn’t resist :)

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