13 September 2011

Project 365: #081 Blood doning

Photo source: here

I had to use a photo from the internet for this post - mainly cos I went blood doning on my own tonight and couldn't really lean over the bench and take a photo without the needle hurting me.  I also didn't really want to post a photo of the needle in my arm, in case any of you are a bit squeamish!  

Anyway, I did my good deed of the quarter by donating blood.  I always used to think blood doning was a really good thing to do but the thought of it freaked me out.  The ads on tv eventually managed to persuade me that it probably wasn't as bad as I thought and I went along.  Both of my parents have been donors for years so I went to as session with them.  Honestly, the worst bit is the anticipation.  Once you're all set up, it's comfortable enough and you don't even realise the needle is there.  Tonight was my sixth pint - I promise you, I really wouldn't do it if it was at all traumatic :)


  1. I've been meaning to do that a long time and though I'm not afraid of needles, the idea that my body gets blood empty for a while makes me frighted.On the other hand thinking that I could save a life makes me feel guilty for not doing this one..I should be more brave one day!
    I'm following you love.

  2. When you actually get there, it's not as bad as you think. Take someone with you (even if they don't donate, they can still sit next to you) and after the first time I'm sure you'll decide it's not that bad :) x


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