21 August 2011

Weekly top 5

Danny's brother got engaged this week (he has three brothers - one has been married for a couple of years, one got married in Mexico two weeks ago and now the other is engaged!)  So happy for him and his fiancĂ©e - they've been together for 9 years so it's about time really!  He did a really good job with the ring too - he chose it completely himself and it's absolutely gorgeous!

This one is a bit sad........X Factor's back!  Now usually I don't get into it until much further into the series but since Gary Barlow is a judge this year, I had to watch it!  I wasn't really that fussed about him until I went to see them in concert in June - then I realised he's actually quite hot!  I think I'm hooked to X Factor already - oh dear!
I went to see The Inbetweeners Movie on Friday night - it's absolutely hilarious!  There's one scene which is especially hilarious - if you've seen it, you'll know which one I mean!  Danny didn't really seem that fussed about going so I went with my friend Ali instead and we had a girly night.  Danny's now decided that he does quite want to see it - hopefully I'll get two trips to see it now!

I have to put this as a love this week, simply because it's doing a great job at distracting me from my results for my finals which are due out tomorrow (and, as usual the night before results, I feel really sick!) - Twitter currently has a trending topic of #replacesongnameswithcurry.  One of my friends from work is really getting into it (he's also trying to distract himself from results day!) - so far he's come up with (amongst many others!) "Ooh Naan Naan, What's My Name?" and, my absolute favourite - "Saaaaaaag Aaaa-loo loo loo (Push Pineapple Shake The Tree)"  Thanks Jack :)

Despite deciding that I was going to have a week off from the gym after I got back from holiday to recover from jet lag, I hit the gym this week with two of my girl friends.  We had a great night actually - Ali decided to take on the role of personal trainer (as did Steph at times!) and really push us hard - I definitely felt it the next day but I also appreciated how good it was to be back in the gym.  Zumba this week!

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