18 August 2011

Project 365: #049 - #064 Turtles

One thing I was desperate to do while we were in Mexico was swim with turtles.  We booked a boat trip to Akumal (just down the coast from our hotel) for the last day of our holiday - primarily because that gave me maximum possible time to recover from my ear infection.  I bought some earplugs from the hotel lobby shop (really uncomfortable but they did do the trick!)  and off we went.

I'm so pleased that we got to do it - they're such amazing creatures and it's quite surprising how big they actually are.  They really don't pay any attention to all the people swimming around above them and just carry on eating sea grass.  Unfortunately Danny didn't deal too well with all the bobbing around in the sea and had to go back to the boat, so I made sure I took plenty of photos to show him and thankfully he felt much better when we got back to dry land!

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