16 August 2011

Project 365: #049 - #064 Raccoons

How cute are these little critters?!  This raccoon family live in the resort we were staying in in Mexico and the mum was out and about around the pool almost every day, even taking shrimps out of people's hands! (Only when offered - she didn't run around stealing them!)  Danny's Dad saw the baby raccoons one lunchtime when we'd all gone for something to eat but none of us managed it.  Then early one morning when I was struggling with my ear infection (yep, I managed to get an ear infection having spent too much time in the pool) I decided that I should make the most of being awake at 6am and go and watch the sunrise at the beach.  I woke Danny up (I'm such a considerate girlfriend - I didn't want him to miss out, haha!) and we headed down to get a good view across the sea.

As we got to the beach, we noticed the raccoons scurrying around on the sand - the mother and four babies! They were soooo cute (as you can see!)  I've informed Danny that I would now like a baby raccoon for Christmas.  I'm not sure he's convinced though....

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