13 August 2011

Weekly top 5

I've just got back from a great couple of weeks in sunny Mexico with Danny and his family.  Being back is hardly a 'love' of the week, but the holiday definitely was and I even managed to get myself a bit of a tan!  That's pretty much a first for me - I always manage to come home the same pasty colour that I was when I went away, so I'm pretty pleased this time!  Shame I didn't bring the sun home with me - what's going on with the weather here?!

My friend Vicky, who was mentioned in this post, had her baby whilst I was away - big congratulations to her!  She had a little girl called Annabelle Jane and I'm heading over to meet her tomorrow - I can't wait!  Going to pop into town before I go to get her a cute little present - I love baby stuff!

Being on holiday means that I've managed to get through half the month already without spending anything!  Definitely needed due to my excessive spending before I went - my bank account is definitely breathing a bit of a sigh of relief!  We also managed to come home with about half of our spending money still, so that will help me clear some of my debts!

I've spent today being really lazy - I'm blaming jet lag!  It has meant that I've been able to catch up on what all you lovely ladies have been up to while I've been away - I've very much missed reading your blogs and posting my own!  I'll be trying to catch up with my project 365 this week so watch this space for a wealth of posts!

I signed up for Glossybox today!  I know that a couple of you have been getting them for a few months now and I decided to take the plunge after much better reviews of this month's box.  Unfortunately I've missed August's box but I'm looking forward to my first one arriving in September!

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  1. Your holiday sounds lovely! This year was the first year I managed to get a bit of colour as well, it actually looked like I'd been away for once! Looking forward to this wealth of posts :) xxx


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