25 August 2011

Project 365: #068 First it was poorly Max, now it's poorly car....

Well what an exciting photo this is!  Unfortunately, my evening this evening was spent wandering around Halfords looking for motor oil and trying to fill my car's oil tank.  My car has been displaying a warning message if I go round a corner a bit too quickly which says that the oil pressure is insufficient.  I figured that this was only happening because the oil must have slopped away from the sensor as I went round the corner so I didn't think it was anything to worry about.  Being a typical girl when it comes to my car, I didn't even know how to check the oil so I asked my dad to have a look.  Apparently not only was the oil level below the minimum line on the dipstick, but it hadn't even reached the bottom of the dipstick.  I might not know how to check it but I know that that is bad!  5 litres of oil later (I had to buy another bottle in addition to this one!) and the level seems ok - hopefully my lack of competence won't have caused any damage to the car!

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