18 October 2011

Weekly top 5

It was Rob’s birthday on Sunday (hence this post being quite so delayed!) so a group of his uni friends came down for the weekend. Saturday night involved lots of drunkenness in Reading and then Sunday involved slobbing at the pub watching the football – a pretty great weekend really! We had a family night last night and went out for dinner – yummy!

I received my new laptop last week and I’m absolutely loving it! It means that I can actually take it to Danny’s and blog if I’m there, so really there’ll be no excuse for me leaving big gaps between my blog posts! I also managed to get my hands on the new iPhone 4S this week! Sooooo excited about it still (even though I got it 3 days ago!) I’ll be doing a post on it when I catch up with my Project 365 posts, so look out for that!

My best guy friend Sam is back from Iceland again for the next few weeks so we’re going out for dinner and drinks one night this week. We didn’t get around to meeting up last time, so he still hasn’t met Danny yet – looking forward to my two favourite boys finally meeting!

I booked my appraisal with my boss for later on this week. I’ve been putting it off ever since I qualified, mainly because I hate having to do the “what do you think you’re good at?” and “where do you think you could improve?” bits, but I decided I really actually needed to speak to him about progression and things that have been playing on my mind a bit recently. I’m not particularly looking forward to it, but I’m hoping that I feel a bit happier at work afterwards, so fingers crossed!

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Danny’s dad is a rigging supervisor and works on sports events and music festivals, amongst other things. He’s just been working on the Christmas specials for Live At The Apollo (those of you from outside the UK probably won’t have heard of this – it’s a comedy show on TV here) He came home the other day and said that he’s going to be working on Michael Bublé Christmas show. It’s being recorded on Thursday and he’s managed to get two tickets – Danny’s sister is having one but the other one is going to be fought out between me and his mum I think! I’m just hoping that she doesn’t want to go!

Five to follow:

Hope you're all having a good week!

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