25 October 2011

Project 365: #108 Hangover munchies

Nom nom nom :)  After Rob's birthday celebrations the night before, we all headed down to the pub to chill out on the sofas, watch football and eat away our hangovers.  Me and Danny weren't feeling too hungry so decided to order a combo platter to share, thinking that it would be less than a baguette and chips.  Oh how wrong we were - look at the size of it!!!!  Everyone picked at the leftovers a bit though, except Rob, who went for a super high carb meal of a tuna melt panini, chips and garlic bread!  It did get rid of his hangover though!


  1. WOOOOW this looks amazing!! it puts my soup to HUGE shame. hope it cured the hangover! i've been pants with my blog but am back to play now, haha hope it may provide some entertainment
    lo xoxo


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