11 October 2011

Project 365: #098 Max's first beach trip and Cornish pasties

On Monday, we decided to take Max for his first visit to the beach - I think he enjoyed it by the looks of the photo above :)  I think this is probably my favourite photo of him ever!  He couldn't quite decide whether or not to venture in deep enough for his feet to leave the ground but still managed to get plenty wet enough!

After a while of messing around on the beach, we had a bit of a wander around Looe and decided to get traditional Cornish pasties for lunch.  Danny wanted a large one, but the shop we went to had run out - a good job as it turned out, because the medium ones we got were absolutely huge!  Easily the best pasty I've ever had though - worth the trip down to Cornwall for that alone!


  1. The picture of Max is really beautiful :) My dog Flossie is such a wuss, she stays on the sand at the beach well away from any water!! :) xx


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