19 October 2011

Project 365: #103 Fowey and fish 'n chips

Upon recommendation from one of the guys at work, we drove down to Fowey for our last day in Cornwall - a bit further along the coast than we had ventured before but a very picturesque little town all the same.  Narrow streets filled with lots of boutiques selling handmade home decorations.  I desperately wanted to go in and buy up most of the shop but unfortunately we couldn't really leave Max outside!  That was probably preferable for my bank balance though really!

In the evening, we decided to treat ourselves to a fish and chip supper.  Seriously, it's so long since I had fish and chips!  It was absolutely delicious!!!  Oh, and I had my first taste of mushy peas (what can I say - I'm a southerner!) - I'll definitely be having them again!


  1. lovely photo, always love a good fish and chips :) xx

  2. Fowey is gorgeous, we were there in the summer and the shops were brilliant! We ate at Sams at Polkeris Beach and the Seafood Restaurant in Padstow for lunch. We also met Paul Ainsworth at No.6 x

  3. Oh how i'll miss proper english fish and chips!


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