12 October 2011

Project 365: #099 My idea of heaven....

Yep, that is an individual portion of lasagne, Danny style!  He cooked these massive lasagnes while we were away and I've gotta say, it was definitely as good as it looks!  Lasagne is my absolute favourite but I could barely manage half of this!  It was just about as good cold the next day though (I'd never had cold lasagne, but Danny assured me it was good - he was right!)


  1. Yikes, cold lasagne? In tesco once they were doing 'lasagne' sandwiches - gross.

  2. I know it sounds disgusting - I wasn't sure at first but Danny persuaded me - it's actually really tasty! Not sure about a lasagne sandwich though.... x

  3. Ohh this looks SO good! The crispy layer on the top is the best!xxx


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