1 October 2011

Weekly top 5

I'm on holiday!!!!!!!  As you're reading this, I'm travelling down to Cornwall with Danny and Max for a week of eating, drinking and relaxing.  Although it's not very long ago that we were in Mexico, things have been quite hectic since then - both with work and socially, and I'm really looking forward to getting away for a bit by ourselves - it'll be really nice to have a week alone!  It'll be Max's first trip to the beach while we're there too which should be interesting - a couple of friends have said that their dogs are a little confused by sand, bless them!

Although working overtime every day is most definitely not one of my 'loves' of the week, our biggest filing deadline is now over for another year so work will be a lot less stressful for a few months.  Having got the majority of my clients finished in time is a really satisfying feeling and I can't help but feel a little bit smug when I remember that one of the senior managers was convinced on Monday that we wouldn't file in time!

Yesterday was my first pay check since my pay rise for qualifying - yay!  That means that I can seriously plan which Mulberry handbag I'm going to buy to reward myself (although I think it may have to be next month that I buy it), and I'm also planning on buying a new laptop so that I can blog on the go more easily (I have a PC at the moment so spend most of my time nicking my brother's laptop)

All photos from weheartit.com
For a completely unknown reason, my hair has been really dry recently.  It's usually pretty soft, despite the fact that I have highlights, but over the last week or so it just hasn't felt the same.  I haven't even had my hair dyed in the last week so I'm not quite sure what's going on there!  Anyway, I seem to have remedied the situation thanks to one of the samples in my September GlossyBox.  I tried out the Rahua shampoo and conditioner that I received, since it claims to make hair soft and silky.  It really did!  Hopefully my hair will recover fully when I use the other sachet too (I got two shampoo sachets and two conditioner sachets)  I'll do a proper product review in the next couple of days.

Photo from BBC Sport
Today was the first bit of the 2011 Rugby World Cup that I've seen, and I managed to choose the ten minutes that saw England go through to the quarter-finals!  Apparently we played pretty badly to start with but we won in the end, but that's all that matters really!  Fingers crossed we get through to the final and have a repeat performance of 2003!

Five to follow:

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