11 October 2011

Project 365: #097 Mucky pup

Since our first full day in Cornwall was a Sunday and it was unusually hot for October, we decided to avoid the beach and leave it till during the week when it'd be a bit quieter.  Our apartment had a list of walks from the village so we picked a 5 mile one which went through the woods.  The only problem with this plan (and we didn't find this out until we were on the walk, with no signal on our phones for Google Maps!) was that the turning that we were meant to take into the woods was closed due to deforestation.  We carried on walking and took the next turning we could, thinking that maybe we'd just judged the distance wrong and kept looking at the directions I'd written down - they seemed to fit to where we were anyway....

Two hours later, we were in the middle of the woods with no idea where we were.  We eventually managed to find our way to a farm and then followed a lane in the direction we thought must be the main road.  Thankfully after another 20 minutes or so, a car passed us and told us that the main road was only another 10 minutes away.  When we reached the main road, Danny got internet signal on his phone and we managed to use Google Maps to find the way home!  Rather than 5 miles, we ended up doing 8 miles!  Max was absolutely shattered by the time we got home (as were Danny and I!) - so much so that he promptly got into his bed and fell asleep for the rest of the evening!  By the looks of it though, he enjoyed splashing around in muddy puddles - we enjoyed trying to clean him off a whole lot less!

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