26 January 2012

Project 365: #142 Easily lead

I met up with Aisling for dinner the other night and towards the end of the meal, she suggested we go and look at the Mulberry handbags in House of Fraser.  I'd always promised myself a Mulberry handbag as a reward to myself for qualifying but Ash is extremely good at persuading me to buy things and since she has three Mulberry handbags herself, I panicked a bit!  I made her promise not to bully me into it, since I could get 25% off by getting my mum to buy it (staff discount at John Lewis!) and she agreed.  Then we got there.........and saw big red signs stating that House of Fraser had 30% off.  Uh oh!

The first bad I saw was a teal Heritage Bayswater satchel and fell in love!  Ash did too and instantly began trying to convince me to buy it (yes, the agreement that she wouldn't instantly failed!)  When I looked at the price, I knew I had to have it - a saving of 30% is a huge amount of money on a Mulberry handbag!  You only live once, right?


  1. GOOD purchase. Love that you didn't get a brown or black one, they are so run of the mill now xx

    South Molton St Style

  2. This is gorgeous! Absolutely love the colour, pretty jealous of you right now x

  3. Oh wow this is beautiful! It is a personal goal of mine to eventually buy a mulberry bag and take it to work. It just needs to happen, I'll then know I have succeeded in life haha!



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