26 January 2012

♪ ♫ These boots are made for walking.... ♪ ♫

Don't get me wrong, I like handbags and clothes as much as the next girl, but shoes are my true love.  Nothing compares to that feeling you get when you put on a new pair of shoes.  Paolo Nutini couldn't have put it better when he said "I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right..." (is it a little concerning that this is one of my favourite quotes of all time?)

In my eyes, you can't beat a good pair of shoe boots.  With your feet enclosed, you don't have to worry about your shoes slipping off when your feet are cold or when the shoes have lost their brand new tightness.  You still get that buzz of wearing a stunning pair of heels but you can also walk in them without having to clench your toes with every step and contend with every male within a 10m radius thinking (and if you work in my office, loudly saying it too!) "she can't walk in those shoes - why is she even trying?"

I adore Kurt Geiger shoes and these shoes are from their Carvela brand.  With their fleecy appearance, 'Stella' shoe boots are perfect for the cold days that we in the UK are accustomed to at this time of year, whilst still maintaining the stylish look for which Carvela and Kurt Geiger are renowned.  There's nothing more flattering than a pair of high heels, especially when combined with a platform for a bit of extra height, and these are bound to live up to the expectations of comfort that I've already built up through owning a number of pairs of Kurt Geiger heels.

I'm convinced.  I need these shoes immediately.  And that's what buying shoes is all about, right?


  1. Omg so so gorgeous! I want a pair now!!



  2. they look so warm! love your blog! now following :]

  3. ah these boots are so cute! I doubt I could walk in them though :-(

  4. I really really really want these boots!x


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