8 January 2012

Project 365: #136 Bubble and squeak

I headed over to Danny's on Boxing Day evening and experienced their family tradition of bubble and squeak, which they have every Boxing Day.  In my experience, bubble and squeak is fried leftover cabbage and potato but Danny's version is literally everything leftover from Christmas Day, all mashed up and fried together with some onion.  And I have to say, it's absolutely delicious!  Max obviously agrees - look at him closely guarding Danny!


  1. We do this too but on the 27th- everything fried up into a patty with the last of the turkey- so good!xxx

  2. I use to love bubble and squeak - haven't had any for years though x

  3. This sounds so much nicer than the traditional cabbage and potato! xx

  4. Hahaha I thought my dog was the only one that lurked around my feet when I cook, lest anything fall!


  5. It's absolutely delicious and the best part is that you can do it with leftovers from any roast dinner! x


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