14 January 2012

Project 365: #139 One year anniversary

I've literally been dying to do this post!  Danny and I celebrated our year anniversary last week and to mark the occasion, we went to Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa.  Now, this place is really close to my house, but we decided that since the point of the stay wasn't to sightsee but was to relax, spend some time together, enjoy the spa and have a nice meal, it didn't really matter.

Now unfortunately I couldn't take a photo in the spa or pool (I wasn't sure that people would appreciate me standing in a corner taking photos!) so I've had to use ones from their website - much better than I'd take anyway though really!

Source for both photos

When we arrived, we headed straight to the gym for a short workout - on my part (and I'm pretty sure Danny's too) this was literally just because it was free, we were going to be spending the rest of the day relaxing and indulging and we felt we should do!  After this, we headed back to the room, showered and went to the bar for lunch.

Prices in the bar were relatively expensive, as you'd expect at a four star hotel and spa, but when the sandwiches we'd ordered arrived, the price was completely justified!  It was easily the best sandwich I've ever had (Danny said the same about his)

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and egg mayonnaise toasted sandwich
Roast beef, horseradish, tomato and rocket sandwich

After lunch, we made our way through to the Spa where we had a couple of complimentary treatments booked. Danny had decided on the Heavenly Hydration Salt Brushing Treatment and I went for the Intensive Mineralising Facial.  It was the first time I'd had a treatment at a Spa - we'd visited one in Mexico but only experienced the hydrotherapy pools and steam rooms rather than actual treatments.  It was absolute bliss and we both felt so relaxed afterwards!

In the evening, after some time relaxing in the pool, jacuzzi and sauna, we had a table booked in The WinePress Restaurant.  A three course meal was included in the spa break that we'd booked, so obviously we had to indulge in all three courses!

Scallops with black pudding, pea purée and pancetta

Sea bass, horseradish mash and ratatouille

Raspberry crème brûlée with shortbread
Chocolate torte with berry compote

I've honestly never been so full!  We'd planned to go for a drink in the bar afterwards but we were so full that neither of us could face it - clear sign of vast amounts of food!  All in all, a perfect day - here's to the next year! ♥


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! And happy anniversary! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like such a gorgeous place - and the food looks amazing too! Glad you had a brill time xx

  3. aww wow this looks amazing!! AND has confirmed a spa treatment for my sister's birthday present, thankyou! Such a nice post.


  4. Oh my word - that looks so wow!!

  5. I've been here, it is SO fabulous. Glad you had a good time xx


  6. oh my gosh! this sounds like heaven!!! Have you tried the centre parcs spa package? Its so lovely and relaxing...this sounds similar to that but much better! Nothing like a bit of r&r to cleanse the body and soul! lol


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