30 January 2012

Rituals Yogi Flow shower foam review

According to the Rituals website "Yogi Flow foaming shower gel sensation is a unique shower foam containing organic ingredients sweet almond oil and Indian rose.  Ancient Ayuverdic ingredient sweet almond oil restores the skin's moisture balance"  So does it really do what it says?

When you squirt the gel out of the bottle, that's exactly what it is - gel.  Then it starts to foam......and it grows.....and grows......and grows......  Pretty amazing actually - you don't even need to rub it!  It's a bit strange using foam as a shower gel - the first time you use it, it feels a bit like you're covering yourself in shaving foam!  The foam spreads very easily so you don't need to use too much which means that the bottle will last a decent amount of time.  The scent is very light and quite flowery.  Not that horrible, strong flowery smell though - strong enough that you notice it but light enough that it's not sickly - just right!

At £6.50 for 200ml, I don't think Yogi Flow is too extortionately priced.  Probably a little on the expensive side for a shower gel but it's really a pampering product rather than an everyday product and for that, I'd be perfectly happy to pay £6.50.

The scent of the foam really makes you feel like you're using a luxury product and it definitely made my skin feel nice and smooth.  I couldn't smell the scent of the foam after my skin was dry, but I'm not really a fan of that anyway - it usually tends to cause a problem with perfume!

Would I buy it at full price?
Definitely!  I'd be relatively happy to pay £6.50 for this product - not for everyday use but definitely for when I want to pamper myself.

I received a free sample of the Rituals Yogi Flow shower foam in my December GlossyBox but the views here are entirely honest and I have not been paid to write this review.

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  1. oh i loved mine from the last glossy box too! will definitely purchase again when i have some more money :) xx


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