26 November 2011

Project 365: #120 My hotel in Québec

I thought I'd give you all a little tour of my hotel room since it's quite nice!  I booked it myself so I made sure that I booked one of the rooms that was refurbished earlier this year - definitely pleased!  Look at the size of the bed!  I love how big the beds are in North America - I'm sure there's room for at least three people in there!  It's really cosy too - I've definitely been getting a good night's sleep in there!  Next to my bedroom is a small living room - basically with a sofa, a desk, small fridge and microwave, TV and DVD player. Then next to the front door is the bathroom - I'm going to miss this when I go back home!  It's so big and even has two sinks!  A bit comical when it's only me staying here but never mind!  Do you think there's any way I can sneak the tropical rain shower into my suitcase?


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