25 November 2011

Project 365: #119 A day of travelling

What with all the high security in airports nowadays, I didn't really want to stand around Heathrow trying to get a photo for my blog and looking suspicious so I'm afraid I've had to use a picture from BAA's aviation photo library (who knew they even had such a thing!  A simple Google images search enlightened me!)

When I was booking my flights, I purposely chose one that left around midday so that I wouldn't have to get up too early but would still arrive in Quebec at a reasonable time and therefore wouldn't be too tired for work the next day.  The flights I got worked quite well - an 8 hour flight to Ottawa, followed by an hour's stopover in Ottawa then an hour long flight to Quebec still made me pretty tired but I managed to avoid jet lag for the most part.  I have no doubt that the return journey will be much worse since I arrive back in London at 7.30am, which will be 2.30am Canadian time!

In the end, it was definitely a good job that I wasn't taking photos in Ottawa Airport - I already got pulled to one side by customs and questioned about why I was entering Canada.  Seemingly working for an accountancy firm and doing an audit is a lot more interesting that I ever thought!  Thankfully, after about five minutes they let me go - I was worried I was going to miss my connection!  Fingers crossed my return to the UK is a lot less dramatic!

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  1. North American customs people are interesting! I was expecting to be pulled aside and totally grilled about my visa but I wasn't - was shocking1 Saying that, a lot of people on my flight into Detroit were on connections out to Vegas and so on and I think a few of them possibly missed their next flight because of the lack of staff at customs.


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