24 November 2011

Project 365: #118 “I’m leaving on a jet plane” dinner

I mentioned that my trip to Canada meant a few nice dinners out before I left?  Well this was the meal that me and Danny went out for on my penultimate night.  We went to Newbury Manor Hotel again – where we went for exam results in February and August.  The food there is absolutely delicious and I think it’s my new favourite restaurant in Newbury (my favourite was The Square, but it closed down about a year ago – sad times!)

We had three courses (and were both completely stuffed afterwards – eyes bigger than our bellies I think!)  I had scallops with pancetta and vanilla (sounds weird but was lush!) followed by chicken with mushrooms on a bed of spinach and sautéed potatoes then crème brûlée and Danny had oxtail ravioli followed by braised shoulder of lamb with mashed potato and roasted root vegetables then crème brûlée too.  Desserts are my favourite bit of a meal, but I only managed to eat half!  Whoops!  Danny did the same though so I didn’t feel too bad!  By the time we finished, we were both shattered (food comas I think!) so being the rock and roll couple that we are, we went straight home rather than out for drinks like we planned!  Old before our time I think!


  1. I love the Manor - I was there in August for a wedding and the food was looooovely! :) xxx

  2. I bet a wedding there would be amazing! x


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