6 November 2011

Free Nails Inc!

Photo: weheartit.com

Another hot deal today for you all - Glamour magazine are giving away a free full size Nails Inc varnish this month.  Colours available are Tate (red), Victoria (deep red), Piccadilly Circus (plum) and Basil Street (beige).  Another great magazine deal - what's going on this month?  I'm definitely not complaining though :)

PS.  Apologies about the complete lack of blog posts recently - I've been a bit busy applying for jobs and suchlike but I'll be back later in the week :)

1 comment:

  1. I brought glamour this month merely for the magazine, I wasn't leaving this country without getting my hands on one bottle of it especially not for £2! I went for Tate, might pop WHSmiths in Heathrow and get another one [oh and get the magazine for the flight seeing I throw out my first copy cuz I can't face adding that to everything else i'm lugging to Heathrow! lol]


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