22 June 2012

Weekly round up

Another week of eating, eating and more eating! Aside from that we went bowling on Saturday night for my friend's birthday - I was abysmal! I somehow got the knack of curling the ball down the lane and used this to my complete disadvantage by curling it straight into the gutter as it approached the pins. Danny, on the other hand, had been keeping his bowling abilities a secret from me - he was amazing! Strike after strike after strike - at least one of us did us proud! I forgot how much bowling makes you ache but I was definitely reminded when I woke up on Sunday morning and had to do more decorating!

For Father's Day, I took my parents and Rob to the local for lunch. Three delicious courses this time - that place never fails to disappoint! Danny decided not to come with us since he was going out for dinner with his family in the evening so he stayed at home and I returned to a tidy kitchen! I think I'll leave him at home more often :)

After everyone had left, I decided to tackle the lawn in the garden. We hadn't cut it since we moved in and Danny suffers from the worst case of hayfever I've ever seen. He suffers a bit every summer but this summer (if we can call it summer!) seems to be particularly bad - red eyes, tears, sneezing... and that's all after taking antihistamines. Mind you, letting the lawn get quite so long probably didn't help - whoops! It looks much better now though, and the vegetables that Danny has planted are starting to grow quite well - I'll make sure I take photos this week!



  1. That food looks amazing!!
    I haven't been bowling for ages, I suck though and always end up snapping a nail, such a woman! x

  2. These are some great pictures! I love all the food pics...they make me hungry. And the bowling looks like so much fun.

    I'm your newest follower! Come check me out at preppypremed.blogspot.com. Thanks :)

  3. I'm crap at bowling too twinny! Also, WHY DID I HAVE TO SEE THIS POST WHEN I'M TRYING TO EAT FEWER CARBS. That pasta looks so so good. And I can't even comment on the desserts. I'm off to eat soup :( xxx


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