3 July 2012

Weekly round up

Our house is beginning to look less like a bomb's hit it and more like a home now thankfully!  After frantic painting and decorating to get the walls and skirting boards done, we had the floor fitted in the living room/downstairs toilet/hallways this week.  We're both really pleased with the great job that the guy did and it looks great!  The living room furniture and dining table and chairs also arrived this week, so we're just waiting for the sofa until we're there!  After that, the fun bit of accessorising begins and Emily, I assure you I'll put photos up and give you a tour when it's all done :)

I managed to avoid most of Euro 2012 (I like football but we're always hopeless so I've kind of lost interest - not very patriotic of me is it?) but we did head down to the pub to watch the game vs Italy.  I'm a bit worried that I was some sort of jinx though since that's when we went out....

On Friday night we went to see Rhod Gilbert at Southampton Guildhall.  I got tickets for Danny's birthday (New Year's Eve) so we've been waiting a while for this to come around.  It definitely wasn't a disappointment - Rhod was hilarious!  The Guildhall doesn't appear to have air conditioning though unfortunately so it was absolutely roasting inside.  Has anyone else been to any events there?  It was a bit distractingly hot to be honest but we had a great time all the same.

Oh, and just because a weekly round up wouldn't be the same without some form of food, check out the Gü chocolate soufflé that I had for dessert last night.  Deeeeeelicious! :)


  1. Haha, this snippet will do for now! So excited to see properly :) We have the same floorboards, although obviously I'm not surprised anymore. You better have a stash of those soufflés in when I come round...xxx

  2. I love GU puddings :)
    How exciting to see your house coming along, I can't wait to see more! xx

  3. The floors look amazing! I can't wait to come round!! And omg I love the GU soufflé, nomnomnom xx


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