12 June 2012

Weekly round up

I suppose this is actually more of a round up of the last three weeks really, since that's the last time I posted.  My last week before moving out was filled with packing, packing and more packing, so I didn't have any time to post, and our internet only got connected this weekend so I haven't been able to blog since we moved in.  I know I've taken a few breaks from blogging over recent months, but I've really missed it this time - probably because this hiatus was imposed on me rather than being my decision!  Anyway, I'm back now and I'm on a bit of a roll, so here's what I've been up to....

Well from the looks of it, my main activity while I've been away has been eating!  That's not strictly true, although I have had some pretty good meals! 

I think most of you know that we've recently bought our first house?  On my last evening living with my parents, we went for tapas at El Sabio - the tapas restaurant in Newbury that I love.  This time I experienced their desserts and I was really impressed - they have a selection of tapas desserts where you pick three mini desserts.  Heaven!  I'm definitely going to make sure I save room for dessert next time I go!

We only managed to take a day and a half off work to move since we're both so busy, so our house is a bit of a mess at the moment.  Lots of boxes and suitcases fill the garage and spare rooms, but we are getting there.  We spent last weekend decorating the living room, which may seem a little over eager but we're getting the flooring redone in a few weeks and we need to get it all sorted before the living room furniture arrives.  I can't wait for our sofa to turn up!  Apart from the fact that it's mega comfy, spending evenings sitting in a camping chair while Danny sits on a beanbag is getting a bit tedious! 

We've got a great local pub around the corner and after a long day of painting on Sunday, we decided to wander over for a roast - just look at the size of it!  I'm a little concerned that with it being so good and so close, we're going to end up going there most Sundays....... Shame! :)

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  1. Congratulations on buying your first house recently! I would absolutely love to do that but it's probably a few years yet for me. I love the look of the macaroons! xx


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