22 May 2012

Weekly round up

I had a bad week this week.  We had effectively resigned ourselves to the fact that the house was never going to exchange, I was feeling ill and the week was nicely topped off by one of the senior managers at work deciding that I was personally responsible for what she perceived as the downfalls of our department.  Bursting into tears in the office was definitely a low point!

That aside, I had a good weekend!  Dog walking in the woods and beating Danny and his sister on Buzz (I got double their scores, I'd like to add, which I was particularly smug about because Danny is very competitive!) definitely made up for the trauma of the working week.  Danny's friends also had a group of us over for a barbecue and drinks and although the weather wasn't quite as nice as we might have liked, we made the best of it and spent most of the time in the garden regardless!

And, although this is strictly part of this week rather than last, I can't resist writing in this post......
.....we've exchanged contracts for our house!

After convincing ourselves that it would never happen, we now have a week (that's it - just one week!) before we move in to our own home!  I'd better get packing.....

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