20 January 2013

I knew you were trouble when you walked in

It's been a pretty lazy weekend.  After getting sent home from work by 11am on Friday, we spent the evening in the local with our friends (who had all been there since 2.30pm - damn having to work from home and not being able to join them earlier!) - it was great to have a catch up, have some lovely food and snuggle in the warmth by the fire.

Saturday mainly involved braving the snow to go food shopping and spending the rest of the afternoon/evening curled up on the sofa with a duvet watching movies.  Today's been the same in fact - I've been a football widow today so after doing lots of laundry and washing up, I'm back snuggled under the duvet in my onesie watching Tangled on DVD.  Spending the whole weekend like this is allowed when it's too cold to go outside, right?

Hope you're all either enjoying the snow or the warmth from avoiding it!



  1. wow, lots of snow, we only got a dusting in North Devon. Stay safe x

  2. So impressed you got a photo of the snow falling. My camera is not that good at all :(. Hope you stayed safe and warm this weekend x

    1. The photos were taken using my iPhone :) x

  3. What gorgeous pictures! Snow always makes for some great photographs. Its sounds like you had a pretty perfect weekend :D



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